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About Our Music Studio

Elsa Serion owner of the Pearl City Piano Studio was born into a family of music lovers.  Her parents made it a goal for all of their five children to take piano lessons - something their own parents couldn't afford.  Ms. Serion's former piano teacher's first recollections of Elsa was in the waiting room where her mother and little Elsa waited for her oldest sister to finish lessons.  Learning music wasn't easy, it took perseverance and hard work.  But the rewards of becoming an accomplished pianist made it all worth while.

After receiving her bachelor degree at the University of Hawaii she began teaching at the Kay Dolan Piano Studio.  She is a very motivating and progressive teacher.  Sharing the goal of music as a creative art form and lifetime learning experience she nurtures each student to reach their highest potential as music performers.  She took over ownership of the piano studio in 1999 when her former teacher Kay Dolan retired.  Since then she has introduced more of the latest technology to the music studio.  MIDI play along diskettes give students instant reward for their efforts and encourage them to practice more.  Computer technology aids children to overcome musical challenges through the use of theory games.

Elsa is joined by six very talented piano teachers providing combined teaching experience of well over 100 years.  Learn more about them through our Music Makers page.  Private and small group lessons are available for all ages and abilities.  Join us in the musical experience of a lifetime!!  Learn more about music lessons here: Contact Us.

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