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Robert Mondoy

Robert Mondoy's many talents and rich experience in all facets of music making makes him a valuable part of the Pearl City Piano Studio.  For the past 30 years he has been teaching piano, but he has been enjoying music and sharing music's power and joy for much longer than that.  

Mr. Mondoy received a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Hawaii in 1970 and Masters in Music Composition from the San Francisco State University in 1980.

His motivation for teaching comes from sheer love of music and a sincere desire to teach this to others.  Through his years of teaching Robert has developed useful and practical ways of reading music and helping students to express themselves musically.
His emphasis is on piano pedagogy.  In addition to the systematic outlay and clarity of method books, he emphasizes the physical understanding of one's hands making contact with a specifically designed musical instrument.  His goal is to help students to understand their physical and emotional self in conjunction with the most comfortable and economical techniques to make the desired sounds at the piano.  From classical to jazz, Robert helps students to make the music come alive.  Guiding them through music interpretation so the student's true talent can shine through.

Besides performing and teaching Robert Mondoy is a very talented composer. He is currently well known in Hawaii for his compositions made for church use, in particular psalm settings in Hawaiian and Filipino enculturation style. He also composes pedagogy pieces for students of all levels that are descriptive of local life in Hawaii as well as Hawaii's stories and legends.  Be sure to hear some of his works at his website: