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Internet Tips
We've tried our best to provide a "Great for Kids" site.  But whenever you are on the internet you need to be wary.  Advertisements and varying opinions can make for a different adventure on the website then you may have expected.  Here are a few suggestions:

1)         Surf the Web with an Adult - Parents should stay close by and even better join along with kids on the web.  Alot of what is on the web is very reading intensive and can be confusing.  Having an adult with you or nearby will allow kids to  navigate through the pages and learn more from the web.

2)         Choose internet options that screen questionable sites.  You can do this through your internet service provider or in your browser his Tools-Internet Options-Security and move the slider to High - the safest way for Kids to browse, or Medium which is a little less secure.

3)         Close unncessary windows.  When clicking on links to other web sites you will see many pop-up windows of advertisements.  You should notice them along the bar at the bottom of the screen.  Click on them and then close the window.

4)         To listen to the music clips you may need to download and install various players (music listening software) to your site.  Most downloads are free, but do it with an adult.  Downloading is fine.  But before installing always turn off background programs - including virus software.

5)        Let me know if you are having a difficult time accessing my web pages.

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