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Hello and welcome to our site!  I do update from time to time so check back if this page has changed and that will be an indication that there are new things to explore on our site.  If you would like to be reminded when this site is updated enter your e-mail below for automatic reminders.
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Congratulations to all the students who participated in Recitals and Piano Auditions these May and June.  You are all to be commended for your hard-work and we are so proud to see you improving each year.  Take a look at the latest slide show of our Annual Piano Recitals held at ABC Music and Piano Planet.  

Visit our Music Collections page to hear music selections by Pearl City Piano Studios talented students.  Our latest addition is Mr. Brent Nitta, playing the Chopin's C# minor Polonaise.  Brent won the Honolulu Symphony Talent Pool last year and performed with the Symphony this year.  

Don't miss the Special Events page where you will find pictures of our 1st Annual Piano Camp.

Several of the Studio's students performed in the HMTA and MTNA sponsored Pianomania 2001 on July 9, 2001 at the Hawaii Theatre. Take a look at that spectaculat performance by clicking on the link below.       
Pianomania 2001

We hope you spend some time in the Music Room.  Follow the links to the Listening Room and hear various students performances and music from around the world.  Play Allegro's Favorite Music Game in the Game Room or Play some drums in the Play Room.  It's Music Fun for everyone.

We are always hoping for more feedback from all of you!  What kind of music and piano information would you like to see on our site?  We also welcome suggestions for our links page and for interactive add-ons you would like to see.  So please take the time and e-mail us.  Don't forget to sign in our guestbook!!

Special thanks to those of you who have shared your much valued input and helped improve our site.

We have some wonderful music MIDI's by teachers and students for your listening pleasure.  Simply click on the MUSIC button in the top right corner to hear our latest MIDI files.  It's different on each page.

On this page you are listening to Ka Makani composed and performed by Robert Mondoy one of our talented teachers.

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